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Remembering BBC2’s Bargain Hunt Famous Finds

…With Kiki Dee and Toyah Willcox

Tim Wonnacott and Hilary Burroughs @ The Antiques Warehouse 2009Tim Wonnacott and Hilary Burroughs

The Antiques Warehouse was the featured venue for a star-studded edition of Bargain Hunt Famous Finds for BBC2 on Wednesday 1st April 2009. Kiki Dee and Toyah Willcox, both singing stars whose work has spanned decades, each teamed up with a friend to take part in filming the programme, along with presenter Tim Wonnacott, and a large film crew, on what turned out to be a day of appalling weather. It had snowed heavily the day before, and frozen overnight, so the BBC team had to weather treacherous road conditions. Nevertheless, the intrepid team were all present for an early start to a long day of filming, in which several interesting and quirky items were purchased, and discussed, on camera.

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